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Thanks to our Association Volunteers - National Volunteer Week

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today is the start of National Volunteer Week, April 18–24, 2010 and I’d like to kick it off with a thank you for all the association volunteers around the world.

And particularly to our main volunteers:

Washington DC Metro Area Chapter Appraisal Institute
John C. Reyle MAI
John M. Lansbury MAI
Donald S. Boucher SRA
Stephen M. Santora MAI
David N. Lamb MAI
William W. Moroney MAI
Jerry R. Adkins MAI
Donald S. Boucher SRA
James D. Donnelly SRA
David Fuller MAI
W. Scott Gudely
Jerrold Harvey MAI
Thomas J. O'Halloran SRA
Betty J. Phifer SRA
 Thomas J. Shields MAI
Linda S. Braley SRA
Judith A. deLeon SRA
Byron H Howe SRA
Arthur Y. Smail MAI
Teresa S. Tenney

International Special Events Society, DC Chapter
June Ring
Denise Thorne
Amy Lorraine Guthridge
Kristin Wienold
Dave Fritz
Sarah Denhardt
Dave Markowitz
Amy Regeti
Gabriele Krueger-Winther
Andrew Larris
Barbara McCort
Angela Lee
Wendy Drake
Deborah Gitelson Krauth
Alysha DiGiorgio
Dale Harmon
Laura Auer
Kelly B. Jenkins
Monica Vidal
LeKhessa Doctor
Jennifer Fontine
Sheila A. Graham CSEP
Carol Nissenson
Heidi Berger
Renee Stake
Taylor Strimple
Andrew Larris
Mike Ostrow

Licensed Professional Association of North Carolina
Dianne T. Dougherty LPC, NCC, CAGS
Lili Sznaidman, MS, LPC, ACS
Daniel Paredes PhD, NCC, LPC
Linda S. Makinson PhD, LPC, NCC
James M Gibson LPC, LEAP, MAC, NCC, LCAS
Ka Rae’ N. N. Carey PhD, LPC, NCC
Lisa A Uranga Driver LPC, NCC
Shaun Tyrance, MS, MEd, LPC-BE, NCC
Tammie Brettschneider MS, NCC, LPC
Denauvo Robinson Ed.D, NBCC, LPC, CC
James Edward Powell MA, NCC, NCSC, ACS, LPC, LCAS, CSI
Maria Brunelli Paredes MS, LPC, NCC, ACS
Harold Dewey McMillion NCC, LPC, CCMHC, ACS

Maryland Recycling Network
Chaz Miller
Bob Stumpff
Virginia Lipscomb
Alan Wilcom
Michael Fannon
Tanya Adams
Robin Davidov
Charles Robert Ernst
Angie Green
Bruce Norton
Charles Reighart
Ford Schumann
Lori Scozzafava
Craig Stuart-Paul
Dave Taylor
Andrew White

Public Relations Society of American, Maryland Chapter
Laura LaChapelle, APR
Lisa Miles
Claudia J. Ciolfi
Kenneth R. Smith, APR
Chris Carbone
David N.Curley
Tracy K. Imm, APR
Nneka Jenkins
Erika Murray

As you contemplate the value of volunteers, take time to read Maddie Grant’s post on The New Volunteer Manifesto which was inspired by Deirdre Reid’s post of the same name.

Do you want to celebrate your volunteers? Say so on our Association Volunteers Facebook Fan Page!


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