Association Renaissance: A call for 2020

“Associations are at an inflection point. The conditions are in place to drive associations toward a renaissance, a new Golden Era, where associations will have even greater relevance within their fields. But to thrive in this new environment, associations will have to develop new strategies and structures to evolve to the macro changes that are taking place.” Powerful words by Don Neal of 360 Live Media writing in his blog post The Emerging Association Renaissance nudge us to celebrate and to think differently as we enter the 20s.

He reiterates something that we know but often don’t reflect in our decision making and thinking: ultimately, people turn to associations for three things: significance, connection, and growth. The drive is to be part of something bigger, to network with their peers, and to advance in their careers.

He warns us: “Don’t be custodians of what was once the model—think about how you’re going to influence the future of your profession and the membership that you’ve been charged to serve.”

Read the entire post: The Emerging Association Renaissance.

Photo Credit: Livioandronico2013 CC BY-SA 4.0