3 Lessons from #UnTech To Boost Learning

As the snow melts (slowly!), you might expect the conference memories too as well. At least that’s what usually happens about 2 weeks after you’ve returned from a conference. Not so with #UnTech10. We’re still living the spirit. Afterall my CafePress tee just arrived!

You can read about the technology unconference from more than a dozen angles here (thanks to Maddie Grant’s aggregating) which also includes my posts. And you can order your very own shirt at CafePress.

So why did this conference last longer in my mind? Was it because of the content? I mean lots of conferences have great content. Was it the speakers? Lots of conferences have top-notch speakers. Was it the handouts? Ditto above. Yes all play a factor, but here are the three reasons that really make the difference …

The experience! The drama! The event unfolded practically overnight which created drama and those of us who participated had front row seats. That excitement heightened our learning sensories. And in many ways for me, that meant I absorbed more.

The technology! I was using some of the technology we were talking about as we talked. Hands-on learning delivers a deeper understanding of the subject and in the case of technology a connection that opens eyes and minds.

The onus was on the learner. Right from the beginning, #UnTech10 coordinator Lindy Dreyer urged us with the counsel that we were responsible for our own learning. By coming to the unconference, we were signing the proverbial “I accept” statement and agreeing to be equally responsible for content and learning.

The challenge issued to all of us putting on events is how can we build these three elements into our events?