A Step Forward – Becoming an association member

As noted in an earlier post, I recently joined a professional association – International Association of Administrative Professionals. Shortly after I joined, I was contacted by a local chapter president and invited to attend a meeting. This past week I did just that and was warmly welcomed into the fold. As the front desk voice of an AMC, this is certainly not the first association meeting I’d ever attended, but this was the first time I attended a meeting that directly related to my job as an admin/office manager. It didn’t take me long to realize that this is what I needed – connection with people who shared similar work-place roles, and a place specifically designed for me in regards of career advancement and training. (I also joined the LinkedIn group and quickly became involved in the conversation there as well.) My new association colleagues were so encouraging and eager to get me up-to-date on all the workings of IAAP and our local division that I look forward to learning more about this dynamic group.

As I venture into the association world as a full member of this group of admin professionals a bit late in my career, I’m reminded of a quote from one of our awesome volunteers Jim DeArmey who said…

There is something in it for everyone at whatever stage of your career as long as you still have an interest in growth and increasing your knowledge.

As a perpetual student, I heartily agree.

Note: I’d be negligent not to mention our wonderful speaker that evening Cheryl A. Pullins, CPC Business &Cheryl Pullins Life Strategist  who exposed the balance myth, and gave us some insights on regaining our lives through 5 important steps: 1) clarify your roles, 2) set your own standards, 3) learn to say no, 4) establish boundaries (always think of the consequences of your choices), and 5) communicate those boundaries to those around you. My biggest take-away – creating balance is about making my own choices and decisions. And it’s about feeling free enough to make those choices without that age-old guilt getting in the way.