A Volunteer Call That Scores

He opened by saying have gratifying the job had been, how much he had learned and grown, and how much pleasure he had gotten from it. He shared one example. Now though it was the right time to pass the role on. The job has direct impact on the young members of the community and their families he explained.  You make a real difference! He shared the 7 basic job tasks which collectively would take about 2 hours a week plus the 1 hour class time on Sunday for a 10-month term. The rest of the team – all experienced – was continuing for the next year. So the team was in place, he would be available to train, orient and mentor. And, while the position didn’t start until the fall, he was available to talk directly after his comments and any day to answers questions. So please, just ask the question, find out more. Consider the opportunity – you will enjoy it.

Wow. He hit all the elements of a great call:

√ Personal story of how the role changed his life

√ Connection to the greater good

√ Clear definition of the key job tasks

√ Clear indication of time requirement

√ Review of resources available

√ Offer to help personally

√ Reasonable transition time

√ Direct call for action


How many of your calls are as compelling? How many times does the chapter president get up and the personal story is about all the hard work and long years but gosh it’s good to give back to the chapter?  How many times do we ask someone to talk a role and then stumble on the details? How many times is the call to action, sign up, and not come discover more?