Another word on the power of the Thank You!

Peggy’s post on (Truths about Volunteering #24) about thanking volunteers makes a valid point. I have another story, and although not about a volunteer, it’s emphasizes the importance of a sincere thank you. My son works at a local Giant Food store. Last week, his grocery manager came to him and a co-worker thanking them both for their hard work and dedication to the job. He then gave them a $50 Giant gift card, which he had purchased, to split.

My son, someone who is not usually impressed with this sort of thing, said he appreciated the words more than card because it was a personal thank you and not a corporate order. I think this proves that a sincere recognition of someone’s hard work, no matter how small, makes a world of difference. Even to a 21 year old!

Kudos to that staff member who personally thanked the volunteer in Peggy’s post because those simple words proved to be better than any orchestrated thank you.