Answering the Volunteer’s WIIFM?

Pro-social Volunteer. That’s the term coined in ASAE & The Center’s The Decision To Volunteer to describe the dual motivation of association volunteers. Like community volunteers, professional volunteers indicate wanting to make a difference for others and society as a driving force in choosing to volunteer. So while they expect career benefits from their professional volunteering, members want professional volunteer roles that help make a difference such as building a stronger profession.

That means we need to deliver on both needs which can be a tall order. I looked at a couple of association’s programs that address each. Here are two associations who are responding to the career-side. (Look to a future blog for delivering on the other motivation.)

Appraisal Institute offers CE credit for service in a member’s chapter, region or at the national level. This can translate to up to 25 hours of CE for service for those in a CE cycle ends on or after Dec. 31, 2010. They reply on chapters to submit a Committee Service Verification Form.

IFMA, the International Facility Management Association provides a laundry list of including typical discounts on registrations and bookstore purchases and some not so traditional items like chapter membership dues discount, points for service hours that yield prizes, special pins and t-shirts, CFM maintenance points, guaranteed spots for IFMA courses and popular special events, and a free spot at the golf outing. I also like the promise of complimentary lunch/breakfast/dinner at board meetings or committee meetings. Many of us probably do that – but do we highlight it?

In case, the association is taking the time to honor the individual in a tangible way. How are you honoring your volunteers?