Crowdsourcing my 2010 Action List

In the waning hours of the Aughties (or Double Ohs??), I sought advice from a cadre of friends and colleagues to help me set some goals for the fresh decade. I tweeted to about 30 peeps:

peggyhoffman pulling together a new years list for social tips/to do for 2010 – let me add one from you … dm okay?

Come to think of it, this was a most appropriate exercise to end the Search Decade (so named by Micheal Kruse in his article in the St Petersburg Times). The responses back were all over the board and yet all on the board. I’ve since spent the first couple weeks of the new decade pondering this advice. What I’ve come up with is one major action item:


To some dance is simply a set of movements. But dance is really more than that.  It’s a philosophy that keeps you lighter than air, flexible, and in concert with space around you, the people in the dance and the rhythms surrounding. It draws equally on art and science (notably physics). And a dancer is always exploring and always ready to move.

So in 2010, I will dance with technology, with people, with change. I will embrace the rhythms of the social sphere – that on the web and outside my door.

Having said that, the advice I got from back from my simple tweet is so rich, I have choreographed it into a series of posts and offer the first movement here which I call Quick Actions:

lindydreyer hmmm. Ok. Ask for Twitter user names on event reg forms.

lindydreyer or spend 20 minutes a day commenting on member blogs/tweets.

cardcat To Do: Find all the blogs about your industry and put together an RSS feed of all those blogs and publish for your members.

kikilitalien Great idea, lady! My SM to do for 2010: Use Tweetake to backup Twitter friends, DMs, followers, favorites in CSV format.

lindydreyer or become a fan or member of your association’s chapter pages/groups.

ISES_DC My tips: DO – follow & reply to industry leaders and journalists; DONT – try to constantly sell yourself.

MissLynn13 I guess my 2010 socmed resolution is to stop using “Check out” in social media postings. I see it to often, it’s becoming insincere.

lindydreyer put together a detailed inventory of your associations social spaces. Include mbr-created.

DeirdreReid I like to filter my Tweetdeck by “?” and see whose questions I can answer. It feels good to help out. Twitter karma, I suppose.

WhitmoreGroup Mine may be too simple: Just meet 5 new people IN PERSON! If it’s a comfort problem, have someone else with you.

Look for more in the next couple of posts and add your own! And follow these great advice givers for more ideas and cool thoughts!