Questions for the New Year

With the New Year finally in I’m ready to commit to New Year’s resolutions. Very simply it comes down to (1) spend as much time as possible with my family, (2) enjoy biking indoors and outdoors, (3) dance often and (4) get answers. The first three are easy because I have control over those (note I work out of a home office, teach spinning and am in a dance group). The last one, now that’s like pledging to lose 30 lbs. You see I want to get answers to some exasperating questions:

  • How can I best manage IMAP email accounts without exchange server in Outlook 2007 on Windows 2007 platform?
  • How can I save emails sent from Blackberry to my Outlook?
  • How can I selectively sync Outlook contacts to my Blackberry (so I don’t have to fight having 100s of contacts on my Blackberry)?
  • Which is better – keep this blog here in Drupal or move to WordPress – and if I move to WordPress how do I keep in right here embedded in my website? (I have lots of other questions related to my blog but I suspect WordPress answers most of those.)
  • Where can I find a SME (subject matter expert) who can give me a lesson on tips and tricks to optimizing my Blackberry? 
  • Ditto for Word 7?
  • Ditto for PowerPoint 7? (Admittedly I can probably figure out this and previous two but frankly I’m more of a show-&-tell type than read-the-manual type!)
  • Where can I recycle perfectly good half-full cans of paint (in or near Laurel, Maryland)?
  • Where can I find a pair of swimming goggles that really are leak proof (so I can wear my contacts) but don’t leave me with “goggle-face” when I remove them?
  • What’s the best way to prepare my son, who’s 16, to be a safe driver?
  • What are some great projects that would grab the interest of 13-year-olds in religion class?
  • How do we get the C-suite in associations to sit down a talk strategically about components and member communities within their association?
  • Who’s willing to really test the chapter of the future model? (Call me if you are!)

Got answers to any of these or have a suggestion? Email me, DM me on Twitter, message me in LinkedIn or Facebook or hey – call!