I resolve to …

It’s the first Monday of the New Year and many of us have
headed back to work, school or whatever routine that is part of our daily
lives. It is also the day when we start getting serious about those New
Year’s resolutions we so eagerly made just last week.  And it’s the day that marks the beginning of the end because we all know we’ll scrap the
whole resolution thing – if not most of it – by March.

But don’t despair. We can make it past March if we are just
a bit more creative with some fun thrown in. So in that spirit, here are a few alternative ways I found on the web to tackle this annual ritual …

Or how about going another way entirely and just
ditching the whole thing right now …

Oh, here’s one more just because it just made me
laugh …

What different New Year’s resolutions ideas have you found?

A special thanks to JeannieBird Baking Company in Westminster
MD for the tasty and fun pictures. You can like 
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BTW: The top picture is Apple Blueberry Pie (a nifty dessert in a jar!)  Yummy!

Happy New Year! 

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