Lake-side thoughts: When the Power is Off

Yesterday, day 25 … the power was off more than on. Big thunderstorms along with a weird power interruption in another state knocked the internet and phone service off the grid in the mountains of Sullivan County, PA. This isn’t unusual. But compounded with the intermittent – at best – cell service, it does make conducting business and even staying in touch with kids at home pretty frustrating. And, of less importance, it meant my lake-side posting couldn’t happen.

More and more you are hearing people say they have to “get off the grid” or they are so proud they “were off the grid” for a weekend. But I didn’t like being “off the grid.” I’ve come to expect, rely and feel comfortable with having the grid at my fingertips. I don’t believe I need to be “off” but there are times I think I may need to be judicious. Let’s not confuse that with being “off” grid. Being on is good. It’s a new way of communicating, collaborating, thinking, sharing and socializing. It’s fun. It’s not bad to be “on” or to be “off”.

Glad to be back on …