Lake-side thoughts: What’s a Prius and a Bike Have In Common?

A Prius-Inspired bike could change the way I bike. This new bike shifts on your command. Just think it and the bike reacts thanks to a uber-cool helment. The bike is the outcome of a collaboration between Toyota, Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Deeplocal, and Parlee Cycles that created the PXP. Check out the final design on John Watson’s cycling/design site.

What’s in common is that both are examples of how you can use readily-accessible technology to radically shift an everyday item. Bikes have after all been around for decades in pretty much the same form. Just a few nights ago at dinner we were noting this and discussing what we thought would be the next great innovation for the bike. One side of the group felt it should be a modification that allows the rider to be in a “running” position. This mind-controlled bike is way more exciting. While neither bikes are available today, I’ll be waiting!

Whether it’s a dinnertime conversation or corporate collaboration, you can find an innovation lab anywhere!