Lessons from Chapter Leaders

I just spent several hours with a number of very talented, passionate chapter members talking about the value of the national and local partnership in delivering value to the member. I was struck by a number of comments that you may also find as “food for thought.”

These member volunteers never once indicate they want an “organization.” They talk about instead network, community, activities (like education, social events). So why do we respond with showing them how to incorporate, write bylaws etc.?

Over and over again I heard that they didn’t know what to expect when they took their job … how much time was required, how to know what to do first, when to know they were done. I’m not suggesting that associations don’t make this info available but…

It’s to complicated! (association volunteering that is!)

It’s really hard. (so they aren’t having as much fun as they should? … need to pick up Cynthia D’Amour’s book on the lazy leader as soon as it comes out!)

When you listen to your member volunteers, do you hear similar messages?