Let’s cut “Through the Noise” on member engagement

On January 7, Mariner president & executive director Peggy Hoffman sat down with Ernesto Gluecksmann and Caroline Broder of Through the Noise podcast to talk about member/volunteer engagement. She also covers to empower your members, as volunteers and through their member communities, to move the mission and meet members’ need. Click here to listen in

Looking for a particular topic? Here are some of the highlights – feel free to jump ahead:

5:20 – Mutually beneficial volunteering: exploring how to build a volunteer program that benefits both the volunteer and the organization

11:45 – History of associations and chapters: so, how did we get here and what’s next for chapters

23:05 – Missteps of volunteer programs: dispelling two common misconceptions about volunteers

40:43 – Endgame for associations? It’s changing the conversation from volunteer/chapter to member engagement

What other noise would you like to cut through? Let us know.

Through the Noise is a weekly podcast that explores hurdles, solutions, and the process of cultivating success for nonprofits and associations, through conversations with executive directors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, communications directors, financial planners, and other professionals. More information and to subscribe, visit Through The Noise.