March Madness: Ask a Chapter Expert

We want YOU to help make this webinar awesome! Come with your hard-hitting chapter questions, as this webinar will be conducted in a panel game style. We’ll be drawing inspiration from Around the Horn, the ESPN show hosted by Tony Reali and feature four chapter gurus coming from different perspectives who will weigh in on tough chapter challenges.

The Chapter Panel consists of Peter Houstle from Mariner Management as a Chapter Executive Director, Mark Prevost from Billhighway as a chapter techie, Ed Bodensiek as a chapter leader for CXPA (who has a different chapter model) and Amy Burke as an association CEO for MCI USA. The lovable Peggy Hoffman from Mariner Management will play the moderator and will give points for well-made arguments and deduct points for those who inspire her to hit the `mute’ button. Gotta keep things fun, right?! It is March Madness after all…we hope you’ll choose to join us!

Tags: Chapter