#NVW2015 – Heeding the Call to Action

Today, for our #NVW2015 celebration, we thank our volunteers for their
responsiveness; that is, for their willingness to leap into action when we send out calls for help or input.

So thank you to those who answered the call and that took that leap! 

PRSA Maryland needed
judges to help with another Chapter’s awards program so the Chapter sent out
the call and 11 members stepped to the plate. These 11 volunteers reviewed and
scored 79 entries (two judges needed per entry for a total of 158 entries) in
24 categories … all within a week’s time! And that’s just one example of
PRSA-MD volunteers jumping in!

The MD General Assembly has passed a number of critical recycling bills
in the last 3 years affecting the MD recycling community. Maryland Recycling Network
wanted to see how counties and municipalities have been dealing with these
initiatives by holding its first Recyclers’
Town Hall
to discuss what is and what isn’t working. But to make it happen, MRN needed help. In jumps Charlie Reighart who helped set it up and offered to serve as moderator. A volunteer who saw the value of an idea and answered the call to make it happen. 

Getting into the appraisal business can be confusing and overwhelming, so the DC Metro Chapter of AI gets frequent calls for help in navigating the process. Fortunately, chapter members such as Abbas Saiidifar, MAI; Donald Boucher Sr, SRA; and Thomas J. Shields MAI are willing to take the time to answer these questions, often following up with these inspiring appraisers to help them make their own final leap. Professional courtesy at its best.

Isn’t it great when your volunteers leap into action. What call to actions have your members answered? 

Our Volunteers leap into action when called!