Office Gifts Ideas that Buck the Recession

12 Gifts for Cast-Short, Recession-Weary Work Places from Rosabeth Moss Kanter is a quick, solution-filled, fun piece that puts people before gifts.

Prompted us at Mariner to brainstorm for a few others … 

  • Ask everyone to put a crazy idea into a hat and then pick one each month (or quarter) to try out (great way to kick up the innovative streak in your office).
  • Give a late arrival pass that can be redeemed anytime in the new year.
  • Institute a floating holiday policy and put aside one typical holiday (say president’s day or Columbus day if you follow those) as a day that can be taken at any time. Bonus is that your office is operational for that day.
  • Extend the gifting to members by adding one month to their membership for every 5 years of continuous membership. 
  • Bring in a massage therapists to do seated massages for the day.
  • Instead of a holiday party, give that time off to attend to holiday chores and errands.
  • Have a virtual volunteer party where you recognize accomplishments.

What are your ideas??