Sure I can help

When PRSA Maryland needed
volunteers for a one-time task, many of our active volunteers raised their hands.
But when they were still coming up short, a “sure I can help” came from a
longtime yet relatively inactive volunteer.

This volunteer, while still on the
books, had settled into very much a behind-the-scenes, third-string position. Later
in the year, when PRSA Maryland needed someone
to represent the chapter at the national leadership assembly held in
conjunction with the national convention, he once again jumped in by offering to
attend even though he was not going to convention. This required traveling
out-of-state, all on his dime. In both cases, his contribution was a welcome
relief to an already overworked board and volunteer pool.

This is a great example of the power of the silent
volunteer. That is the volunteer that steps out of the shadows to answer the
call when most needed. These volunteers are just as vital to the health of an
association because of the valuable support that they give, especially at critical

I’m sure this volunteer didn’t see himself as a hero for
jumping in when the chapter needed him the most, but we certainly do.

Do you have any silent volunteers?

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