Thoughts from the front desk of an AMC

A few mornings ago, I opened a new container of a product only to discover that it was barely 2/3 full. Of course, the container was marked with the standard “Packaged by weight not volume. Contents may settle during shipping and handling,” but this was a simple powder. How much settling could have occurred? Now I don’t necessarily have a problem with the actual amount in that container—it is, after all, what I paid for. I just have a problem with the initial appearance of much more, not to mention the enviromental impact of unnecessary package.

Which brings me to this question: do associations do much of the same thing? Promise more in a membership, only to have it fill 2/3 of the expectations? Does our enthusiasm “settle” once we get that new member?

Or, in the case of our volunteers, do we do the opposite? Promise that their commitment will only take ‘X’ number of hours a week when we know it may take a lot more (sounds like my years as a den leader where I was told it would only cost me an hour a week).

And what is the final impact on such packaging? Does the initial appearance of more or less hurt us when we don’t deliver? The fact that I’m still thinking about that plastic container may give a clue.