Tis the Season for Gift-Giving & Thanks

I love all the gift-giving ideas and especially those promising “frugal” and “cheap but classy.”  Here are a few perfect (okay not all cheap!) for your fav volunteer or anyone on your shopping list.

  1. An afternoon off to catch up on the holiday to-do’s … call the employer of a valuable volunteer and arrange for them to get a free pass at work (yes this can work!).
  2. Extend their membership for a month (or more!).
  3. Send a picture of them in action; enclosed in a cardboard photo folder or the like.
  4. Send a personal holiday card – through the mail! Visit Poemsource for ideas.
  5. A free registration to a professional development activity of their choice in the coming year (bonus points if you underwrite the travel!).  The inspiration for this entry came from “How To Reward your employees when money is tight” which has a number of good ideas.
  6. Gift certificate to your association bookstore.
  7. Help someone use digital tools (you know the really simple things like setting-up email folder or transfer music) to stay on top of things by offering a free how-to webinar “Everything You Wish Someone Would Show You” (modified idea from Oprah.com – there are more).
  8. Buying someone a cool Groupon can be a wonderful, frugal gift. (very cool idea from Greenest Dollar – check out the list).
  9. Give an eco-friendly reusable shopping bag (check out BlueQ Bags) with a cool saying – maybe a catchy phrase about the profession or trade or one that toots the volunteer’s horn like “Be somebody, Do something” or “World’s Coolest Volunteer.” Need inspiration, visit Zazzle.com.
  10. A personal phone call to say thanks and have a wonderful holiday.
  11. A free drink coupon to use at your association’s next mixer. (Hey if it works for Southwest…)
  12. A downloadable freebie for volunteers – think out of box though like these printable holiday wine and gift tags. Send volunteers a thank you email with an exclusive link.
  13. Establish a new volunteer perk for the coming year such as reimbursing mileage or discounts on registration fees for volunteers. (One of the Decision To Volunteer findings pointed to the cost of volunteering as one deterrent.)