How to say happy holidays!

I am one of this people who love to get holiday messages. I hang up all the cards I get. I play all the e-cards I get. From this year’s picks here a few stand-outs:

  • Wanda Little-Coffey, my ASAE staff liaison, friend and colleague, sent me an e-card. Yes I got a message from ASAE, but this personal message frankly made my heart warm and made me realize that it’s the people in ASAE that I connect with. As a side note, do look at the ASAE message – they put in on their homepage – neat.
  • Higher Logic’s use of different color and its upfront humor about how we see the world through different eyes made for a greeting with a like moral. Also, totally liked that the link to their company took me to the page with their calendar of free webinars (and they do a good job on those).
  • Associated Marketing Partners created a neat holiday message that connected with my passion – associations. Nice touch.
  • One of more creative ones came from the SocialFish Blog aka Maddie Grant and Lindy Dreyer – their post “What we’d like for Christmas” gave me buying, supporting, reading and creative ideas.
  • Chat, Chew & Chocolate went the extra step to have its founder Dena Patton make a short video greeting. It came via email. I mentioned them a while ago as a neat model to watch.
  • And here’s one shared by Linda Chreno that’s got the warmth and legal considerations covered!

 To all my friends, colleagues and family, a wish for a fun holiday and bright new year!