Volunteering Comes Naturally

For many today is simply a day-off. For others, Martin Luther King Day is about service. In thinking about how I wanted honor this day, I began to look at how I have tried to honor this call to service and for open-mindedness thoughout the year. I figured that looking back and assessing my performance could help me set new goals for 2011.

By my approximation, I have volunteered 326 hours in 2010. This is equal to 13.5 days (figuring 24 hours) or jsut over 40 work days. Much of this time has been dedicated to service to associations, specifically ASAE and my local networking arm ANEX (Association Networking Exchange in Columbia, MD area). These are hours truly spend in service – not marketing.

But still nearly half of my hours are community service. I have had the fortune of working with several church groups on student projects, a shelter for the homeless, cancer research and the arts.

At the end of the year, I have to say that each of these hours has been precious. I have learned, I have felt great gratitude, and I have grown. But most importantly I think I have been challenged. Challenged to think differently about people, about “things” and about the future.

For all of this I am grateful. And I trust that I will build on this in 2011 … and for that opportunity I am doubly grateful.