Thanking Volunteers 101

I opened my email this morning and the first email was from Lisa Junker, editor-in-chief at Associations Now. Short and sweet.

Yes indeed Lisa, I will have good morning, thanks in part to your seemingly small jesture.

What I did was really simple and truth be told the a response to a suggestion. Last month a small subcommittee I am on was discussing communicatiaon channels to reach our base and Acronym came up. Most on the call hadn’t been aware of the blog. So when I saw that two of our larger group had posted thoughtful pieces, I shared the links to the larger council. One person suggested I share even further. I did with a quick posting on the listserv.

It was easy, but that’s not why I’ll be sure to do it again. The thank you greeting me in the morning tells me that the small jesture was appreciated and noticed.

Volunteer Recognition 101. Lisa gets an A – thanks Lisa!