7 Association Volunteers Tell Their Stories

As Peggy writes in her January 5th post, 2010 was an exciting year for Mariner. It was also the year we really got rolling with the Association Volunteers! Facebook Fan Page, a celebration of the energy, enthusiasm, and often unrecognized work of association volunteers. My job was to listen to the stories of these volunteers. Although it was tough to get together at times (each is juggling a full time job, family obligations, and association business), everyone I spoke with was eager to talk about the benefits of volunteering.

Here’s just a snippet of what each said…

Lisa Miles on having the passion for your association: This is my second time around on the board, and it is because I am loyal to PRSA and because I feel I owe PRSA a lot in terms of my career, that I’m willing to give back.

Claudia Ciolfi on why you should be involved: There are so many benefits, so many wonderful contacts to be made, and everyone I have met or worked with on the board has been so supportive, professional, and friendly.

Chris Carbone on how his experience has enriched him personally: It’s just been a great opportunity for me to get to know leaders in the PR community here in Baltimore, to be part of the discussion, and to actually contribute to the discussion bringing forth my own ideas about what we can do with the events, the newsletter, and what we can do to strengthen the organization.

Doralee Billings on getting and giving: One thing that was conscience on my part was that you only get out of something like this what you put into it. The reality is you have to get involved.

Kelly Gillespie on professional and philanthropic volunteering: I feel passionate about ISES DC and March of Dimes, but there are different motivations for volunteering. ISES DC is about networking and keeping up-to-date on trends in the special event industry while March of Dimes is philanthropic, purely a way to give back to the community.

Jean Maisel on mentorship: There are those who encouraged and supported my involvement, those who showed me how to be an effective committee chair, and of course, those who had the patience to teach me the ins and outs of the industry.

And my personal favorite from Don Boucher:

10% of the people do all the work…and you’ve got to be one of the 10% some time in your life.

To learn more about our celebration, read the full stories, connect with other volunteers, or post your own story, go to Association Volunteers! and keep the celebration going!