“Volunteers Remain Aloof to TV’s Call to Service”

I’m not surprised and not sure why anyone else is.

VolunteerMatch.com shared that headline and web stats based on the second full day of Entertainment Industry Foundation’s iParticipate TV campaign. It seems that the media, despite an all star cast, is struggling to convert media attention into social action.

A little background … iParticipate is truly a ground-breaking campaign sponsored by the Entertainment Industry Foundation to motivate millions of Americans to volunteer regularly. It was kicked off with a week-long television event during which ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and other broadcast networks (check out the list!) are spotlighting service on more than 90 shows through scripted programming, segments and PSAs. It all began on October 19. It all ties back to ServiceNation.org which will connect citizens and needs.

What we know from research is that is takes a friend or trusted colleague asking another friend or colleague to act. That’s the number one motivation. While I like and respect many of these stars, my friend Jennifer convinced me to come back this year as a religious ed teacher because they needed me.

I’m not saying iParticipate is wrong, just that it must activate a network of friends to be successful.

I did click through a post a message on Facebook as asked with the hopes that by being a friend I could spur other friends on.