What have our past interviewees been doing? Read more here…

We wanted to hear how some of our past association volunteer interviewees were doing, so we asked them! Here’s a snippet of they told us…

Jim DeArmey (Interview date: Sept 6, 2011) is completing a 2-year term as committee member with the Maryland Library Leadership Institute of the Maryland Library Association.  The process involved program planning and candidate selection, culminating in a week-long program held in July 2012. Jim, a graduate of the Institute, is always impressed with how the program makes a difference in his colleagues’ careers, and looks forward to seeing how the experience transforms this year’s class.

As Jim nears retirement from the Baltimore County Public Library system, he believes his involvement with his association will be more important than ever: “The connections I’ve made through the Maryland Library Association will keep me aware of future job possibilities. Also, potential future employers will know something about my style, the quality of my work and my credibility in the field. We’ll both know in advance whether or not I would be a good match for their organizations.” Another career could also mean more volunteer opportunities, Jim!

Dina Wasmer (Interview date: February 25, 2011) is as busy as ever! She still works with Network 2000, signed up for another 3 year term on the board of directors for The Children’s Guild, and serves as a mentor for She Counts.  Dina’s firm Incite Creative, Inc. also provides marketing and design support at a discounted rate or pro bono for a number of organizations and projects, such as Hand-in-Hand Baltimore and The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Foundation‘s Baltimore Elementary and Middle School Library Project.

Dina continues to see the value of volunteerism, whether it is for professional or societal benefits: “In short, I see it as a win-win for all. Volunteering makes everyone feel good. As long as there are clear parameters as to what the volunteer role will include and expectations are managed so that one gets taken advantage of or feels short-changed, it can benefit all parties, be it directly or indirectly.”

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Dina’s firm Incite Creative, Inc. is in its 12th year of business with a growing client list including CVR, The Big Screen Store , and The Sofa Store. Congratulations, Dina and team!

Davida Breier (Interview date: July 13, 2011) is in her second year of a 2-year term with Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). In addition to her board duties, she was asked to join the executive committee. Personally, Dina continues to be involved with No Voice Unheard, a non-profit publisher, as a volunteer and board member. Since our interview, Davida has also taken on another volunteer role as photographer for United Poultry Concerns. Davida finds her involvement with each organization has been a boon to her professional and personal growth: “I’ve definitely learned a lot and have found that the more I have to offer, the more I want to serve.”

Davida also continues to offer her expertise to others in the publishing industry. In April, she spoke at American Association of University Presses financial managers meeting, and in March, helped organize a session on book distribution for IBPA‘s Publishing University. Way to go, Davida!

Don Boucher (Interview date: August 10, 2010), a director at the time of his interview, is now the current president of Washington DC Metro Chapter of the Appraisal Institute (AIDC). As a strong advocate of his profession and a staunch supporter of his association, Don works hard to advance the chapter and add value to membership through education seminars and courses. Don’s advice for anyone interested in his/her association is simple: “It’s just important to be involved.”  After all, it’s the volunteers that make the chapter great.

We’d also like to congratulate Don on the pending birth of his 6th grandchild coming in October! Enjoy your new grandbaby, Don!

We’ll have more follow-ups in the coming months.

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