What’s the Buzz …

Well it’s the biggest thing since sliced bread (okay that’s maybe just a pithy quote that needs to be retired – love the ones Jamie Notter noted but that’s another topic)!

Buzz2009 is a full-day conference on Thursday, July 9 in Washington DC for associations who think incorporating social media and word of mouth tactics into their overall strategy in the way to go. You should only plan to go if you’re looking to (yes this list is directly from the conference planners – but based on the speakers and sessions – its true!):

  • Recruit more members.
  • Energize your events.
  • Activate your community online.
  • Reinvent publishing with online content models.
  • Engage volunteers by leveraging your social capital.
  • Raise money through social fundraising and micro-donations.
  • Connect grassroots advocacy efforts with public conversations online.

Money blues? Well there are scholarships compliments of SmartBrief on Social Media and SocialFish.

If you’re like me and you’re on vacation that week, plug into the Twitter conversation at #buzz2009 or the SocialFish Facebook page or Buzz 2009 on LinkedIn. Or better yet, put the Buzz2009 blog in your RSS reader.

Social media and WOM are secret weapons for chapters too – we just need to arm and train them.