3 Tips on Volunteer Management

Three bloggers offer quick insight on HR that is equally useful when talking about volunteers.  My partner, Peter Houstle, often says that if we applied the basic principles of HR to our volunteer workforce we’d be ahead of the game. That starts, he says, with a seldom seen position within organizations (be it a staff or key volunteer role) that oversees volunteer management.

Here are two pieces that shine a light on good people management practices and one that offers a look at leadership that all draw from HR to help us manage volunteers more effectively. Enjoy!

  • The Rule of Three – When to confront someone by Peter Bregman offers sage advice on how to handle those “annoying but are they critical” staff scenarios. Haven’t we all had a similar experience with a volunteer?
  • 3 Tips for Giving Praise that Motivates comes from ManagementTip of the day. Pay attention to #2: praise with action, not just words. Seems to me that this will work particularly well for drawing in those non-boomers. Caveat – this isn’t about giving an award but a gesture of confidence. Think of rewarding by giving the person the lead.
  • Achieving Swing applies a valuable lesson from rowing to teamwork and management from Rachel Happe. I’ll cut to the bottom line, but read the post to get the full message: You can’t win without skill and strategy but you also can lose with both if you don’t have a team that can work as a collective … “ego, in-fighting, and people that want to win at all costs … kills swing.” Our challenge is to help teams find their swing.

What do you think?