A Raving Fan in Action

This is one for the books. A story about an association, ASAE specifically, that created an excellent member experience – so much so that as one member leaves the profession, she brings on board to the association her replacement and pledges to remain active as a volunteer. And, she shares this on the association’s listserv.

Subject: [chapternet] Goodbye to one association role, but not ASAE or the sector [x-posted to Comet, Component Relations, Technology]

Dear all,

I’d like to share some exciting news about my own career and introduce you to a colleague of mine who will soon be joining ASAE. I’m leaving the YMCA of the USA on November 20th to take a job outside the association sector. However, I’m still going to be active in ASAE and the Center through my volunteer work for associations. In fact, I know that I wouldn’t be a successful volunteer in the sector without all the shared knowledge, enthusiasm, and generosity of this list and the quality of ASAE resources.

I encouraged my colleague at Y-USA, Seana Hasson, to join ASAE to ensure that Y-USA still receives all its benefits and can participate in the larger association world. She’s the Interim Director of Research and Planning and a great colleague and leader. I’m sure she’ll benefit from all you have to offer and also contribute to the collegiality and exciting flow of ideas on the listservs.

Thanks to all of you for helping me develop as a paid association professional, and we’ll still be colleagues.


Ann Feeney, CAE

I asked Ann to share this posting because it reminds us that creating an exceptional member experience is the key to creating raving fans, committed volunteers, and community. Ann proves all three in her farewell posting.

As a raving fan, she is encouraging her colleague to join and be active. But by posting this she is also reminding all of us on the listserv that membership is valuable. And, she is building the community spirit. I should note that I first met Ann Feeney via ASAE listserv. Later I would connect in-person briefly at an ASAE event, but most of the interaction was through our online community.

Perhaps one of the neatest things about this story is that ASAE has also cultivated for one or more of our associations a valuable volunteer. And that’s a bonus for all of us. Do you have a excellent member experience to share?