BSA Troop Wisdom for Chapters

Words of wisdom to the boys of Troop 939 on the eve of their Senior Patrol Leader elections from an adult leader via email:

I expect that the candidates will have plans for activities for the upcoming months, cabin camp-out, ski trip, summer camp as well as merit badge madness […]. But to the matter at hand. Our next senior patrol leader will need to be a “take charge” boy with big plans and ideas. Remember, Scouts soar with the eagles and that is where our next leader needs to take the troop. Do not be afraid to ask questions of the candidates! Remember, the only stupid question is one that is never asked.

Boy Scout Troops are in many ways like chapters. They are run by volunteers following (albeit not always to the letter) a policies & procedures manual sent from national and – very much to the point – are as good as their leaders. This piece of advice, which I really see as wisdom, cuts to the core of the leader criteria and the role of members in selecting the leaders. Do we ever make it this simple for our chapters?