5 Tips for Chapters Doing Virtual Meetings #NoFear

Do not fear the virtual meeting, meet-up or webinar. Remember we’re in a “BETA timezone” where we’re all trying and testing new things. So own it – the beta test. Here are 5 tips to owning it*. Check out more ideas on better virtual meetings in our previous post.

1) Everyone on camera please.
  • Invite attendees to add a virtual background.
  • Suggest a “theme” like seriously dressing down so people are more apt to turn on the camera.


2) Let’s chatfinger spider pushup
  • Whether it’s a meeting or a webinar, the chat deepens the sharing and allows everyone, including introverts, to have a voice.
  • Spice up the chat with emojis – 2 favorites: ???? 1F44D Alt X  ????  1F44E Alt X
  • Warm up attendees. Get the chat warmed up with an easy icebreaker questions (2 favorites: what’s your go-to morning beverage or what’s on your desk that makes you smile). Check out this MindTools post with tips and ideas. Gets the fingers warmed up. for extra fun, lead a finger warm-up. Love the Spider push-ups!
3) Show them the way.

We’re at a time where we’re certain everyone knows how to connect and use technology like Zoom and Skype.  One trick to get everyone on the same page is start any meeting with a “tips to engage”. We’ve inserted slides that share how to use chat, Q&A and raise your hands. Another tip: open the meeting early for those who want to get a tour of the technology or check out their video/audio settings.

chat in zoom

4) Start and end on time.

Even if you have technology trouble that eats into the meeting time, shrug and say well we’ll get more done next time.


5) Build in breaks.

While you want to avoid long meetings and webinars, we can’t always. Just like an in-person training or meeting, have breaks. Put a fun PPT on rotation and then walk away.

*Chapter leaders need a little break that gives helps them boost their confidence in jazzing up meetings and webinars? We do training sessions for leaders – so call us!