AdHoc Volunteering – Examples Abound

Interesting conversation going on over at SNAP (Social Networking for Association Professionals) about adhoc volunteering … Cynthia D’Amour shared three great examples:

Tasketeers are basically on-call chapter volunteers who help out when they can or feel like it – no long term commitment. The Tasketeers list is run on old-fashioned email to ask for help when needed, e.g., 2  people needed for 2 hours to do x.

The Jr. League requires members to complete X hours of “Done in a Day” volunteering. She’s active in the Jr. League of Ann Arbor, where this has evolved from signing up at general membership meetings to promoting via e-news to now a combination of e-news, meetings and on-line calendar opportunity postings.

Another Ann Arbor organization is a group of single adults who volunteer together as a way to get to know each other as they make a difference. Many opportunities are just for one night (e.g., help out a local charity event) and are promoted via the website and meetings.

Adhoc volunteering, while seemingly new for us in the association world, has been alive and well in the philanthropic world.