Are you missing out on potential chapter members?

At a recent board meeting with one of our association clients, the board discussed how to reach out to local national members who had not joined the chapter. I can relate to the non-chapter affiliation. I recently joined a professional association as a member-at-large because I knew nothing about the two chapters closest to me, and wasn’t sure which would be a good fit.

Within a week of joining, I was contacted by the president of one of those chapters inviting me to attend the next meeting, which was scheduled for the following day. After a few emails back and forth, she took the bold step of sending me a membership transfer form saying she was excited about the possibility of me joining her chapter. I was so pleased that even though I was unable to attend the meeting, I will likely join the chapter. After all, this president took the time to contact me personally; a gesture that made me feel, well, special!

Does your board personally contact new members, especially those with no chapter affiliation? Who knows – your next awesome volunteer could be just a phone call or email away.