Are your chapter leaders not getting it?

I came across the following article by Jason Nazar, Forbes contributor and founder of Docstoc, Inc: 20 things 20 year olds don’t get. And as usual, while reading, I considered how these tips could be applied to association volunteers and leaders. Here are 4 of the tips that really stood out for me…

Time is Not a Limitless Commodityi.e., start planning for your events early. If you have an annual event, start planning a year ahead. If you have monthly events, plan your calendar at the beginning of the year … not on a month-by-month basis.

Pick Up the PhoneLooking for chapter and/or event sponsors? Notice more and more dropped members? Need volunteers? Make a personal phone call. People respond to a personal outreach more than continual barrage of begging emails.

People Matter More Than Perkse.g. your members! Don’t just tout what you believe is the value of a membership … find out from your members what they need and then provide it.

Your Reputation is priceless, Don’t Damage it.Nothing more to say.

Other tips that can be applied include finding mentors (i.e. past board members), spending 25% less than you make (don’t plan big events/projects if you can’t cover the costs), and don’t focusing solely on social media (that is, don’t rely solely on technology to promote your association. Find other avenues like in-person activities and charitable projects).

Which of the 20 tips can you relate to your organization?