Chapter Resource: Association Management Companies

An association management company (AMC) is a professional firm providing specialized administrative and strategic business services to associations. Here are some facts:

  • They provide a full array of management services on a fee-for-service basis as well as specific project work. Associations pick the services they need.
  • AMCs have existed for more than 100 years.
  • Today some 600 AMCs manage thousands of associations.
    Association clients vary widely in size, scope and type. They include trade and professional societies, foundations, consumer organizations and federations.
  • AMCs employ professionals who understand associations. As an important part of the association landscape,
  • AMCs attract experienced and successful association professionals — you’ll find experts in certification, standards settings, meeting planning, education, technology, government affairs, marketing and more.
  • AMC’s can save associations up to 1/3 on operating costs.

Still not sure an association management company is the right solution for your association? Read some reasons associations choose AMCs plus how to choose an AMC that fits your needs. Download the full paper.