Chapter of the Future

What if you could build your chapters from scratch? What would you keep?
What would you toss out? What would your volunteers keep? And toss out? Download the full white paper for more.

“We live in a Knowledge Worker Age but operate our organizations in a controlling Industrial Age Model that absolutely suppresses the release of the human potential.” – Stephen R. Covey

The fundamental question then is: What form will facilitate the core function of the chapter to meet the members’ needs? Or, stated slightly differently: What level of structure and support should be imposed by the parent organization to ensure each chapter fulfills its purpose meeting members’ needs without under- or over-utilizing the volunteer pool available?

Answer what will make the difference for members and how you will measure success to find the structure that will deliver. In many cases, the structure required isn’t much more than a steering committee that gathers to plan and host a series of gatherings, keeps its eyes on the local community and its ear to the ground to discern issues and concerns, and serves as an ongoing communication channel. Yes, some are large enough to require more formality, but even then too much structure can be debilitating.

We have been seeing a migration to “alliances” or “chapter-lite” models in the past eight years and we continue to explore new models and will update this post as we find them; here are some:


Download the full white paper for more.