Countdown to Buzz2010

In just a few short days, Buzz2010 launches with the frist of three breakfast meetings on hot, hot social media issues. Buzz2010 is both a great learning/networking opportunity and a great model to watch (and experience) unfold.

As a learning/networking opp, it’s bringing thought leaders on three topics to together to share indepth conversations:

  • Open Leadership, June 16 with Charlene Li, author of Groundswell, and Open Leadership. She’s going to focus on the unique challenges open leadership poses for associations and how to address them head-on.  For a sneak peak, read the blog posts series.
  • Managing Risk, July 20 with a “rock-star panel” of Alexandra Levit, Wall Street Journal columnist, Wendy Harman, social media manager at the American Red Cross and Mark Story, adjunct professor of public relations at Georgetown University, and director of new media at the Securities and Exchange Commission. They will zero in on ways to avoid these potential pitfalls in your social media strategy.
  • Social Media ROI, August 18 with Brand strategist Olivier Blanchard who’s going to drill down and address your specific questions about social media ROI.

As a model, this format and promotional strategies gives all of us new ideas for events. particularly in the state and chapter world, the traditional “come together for a full day” conference is getting harder and harder to make happen. Buzz2010 takes the full day concept and breaks it into three smaller gatherings. This extends the event – and all the opportunities to extend the conversation and build momentum – beyond one day. Better use of volunteer’s time, better use of member’s time.

Check out all the details and consider heading over for 1, 2 or all 3 sessions. Register at Buzz2010 (tell me Peggy sent ya!).