Lake-side thoughts: When The Extra Money Just Isn’t Worth It

Day 11 … We had been without water service since Thursday evening when the well pump began failing. By Saturday, the plumber declared the solution was a new pump. The cost to install on Monday was about one-half to install on Sunday, and the cottage owner, knowing that we were without, agreed. But to the plumber, it wasn’t worth it. You see there were priorities.  To which I say: bravo and gee I’m jealous.  How many times do we put the almighty buck ahead? We even say we’re doing this for our family. But at some point, what you’re giving up is lost forever. That’s what life balance is all about.

I was reminded of my volunteer who didn’t make a commitment in order to handle another, family-related issue. It was frustrating as we juggled things but if an organization can’t allow its volunteers to make those critical choices then the message we’re sending is wrong.  We’re not supporting life balance.

And as we move from a majority of boomers to our younger gens, the wrong message will be fatal for our organizations.