Movie Time! Two Slideshows to Help You Build Community

Two slideshows to watch if you’re the least interested in how components – face-to-face and virtual – fit into your association.

The message of both is really about building community. 

* Making Whuffie: 5 keys for making social capital and winning with online communities

  • Check out slide 125 for 10 commandments for receiving feedback … do you design chapter tools and procedures for novices? Is your department agile?
  • Have you ever walked in your chapter volunteers’ shoes … are you part of community you serve asks slide 129
  • Quick – name 10 ways to create amazing customer experiences (or click on slide 175)

* 2008 Tribalization of Business Study
: How to Achieve Transformational Change through communities and social networks

Tribalization is the very first social system that human beings ever lived in and it has lasted much longer than any other kind of society to date as the presentation points out. Now apply the concepts to business – and with a few shifts to associations:

  • Slide 20 is relevant to both face to face and virtual: the more content – the more members …
  • In Slide 21 substitute “technology” for “organizational” in the first sentence
  • Slide 23 notes that the worst practices for face-to-face communities “start with structure”

Enjoy and let me know – how’s your community building quotient?