Rebuilding The Volunteer Spirit (Handout)

At the 2013 ASAE Annual, the ASAE Executive Management Section hosted a conversation on rebuilding the volunteer spirit. Through the eyes and stories of five associations, we explored how the changing volunteer paradigm became an opportunity to shift governance structures, change member component formats, rethink how to engage younger professionals, and rethink volunteer training.

Developed by ASAE’s Executive Management Council as part of the
rebuilding the Volunteer Spirit innovation project, we looked at the new definition of volunteerism, its impact on associations, and how you can respond.

We explored several stories including these captured in this handout:

  • The Maryland Association of CPAs Story of reinventing the volunteerism and it governance structure with Tom Hood, Executive Director/CEO
  • The Society of Petroleum Engineers’ new approach to volunteer rewards – think frequent flier program for member with Liz Messner, CAE, SPE & Andy Steggles, CEO, Higher Logic
  • The Aging Network’s Volunteer Collaborative work on finding the ROI of volunteer programs with Tobi Johnson, MA, CVA, Tobi Johnson & Associates. Learn new models on how to calculate volunteer contributions and use that for
    budgeting and resource decisions
  • Financial Planning Association’s story on creating new volunteer opportunities through a mentoring program with Laura Brook, Director of Community Development