ROE – A Measure for Chapter Success?

Now here’s an interesting thought on the question of determining value of chapters … I reread an interesting posting about social media technologies which quoted a presentation by Janet Hall, CMO of TMNG Global. Janet said research indicates “that the companies actively exploring social media technologies in the B2B marketplace are evaluating the success of their efforts based on a Return on Engagement (ROE) instead of a Return on Investment (ROI).”

Dana Theus summarized the metrics on her blog

  • levels of participation;
  • quality of interaction;
  • sentiment analysis (including brand awareness/impression); and
  • degree of market influence.

She noted that this is based on an assumption that “where people are interacting with each other about a company and/or its products and services they are acting in relationship with the company itself. And where customers and market stakeholders are in relationship with a company, the potential for higher customer satisfaction and lower cost-of-sales and support result.”

She also noted that efforts on the social media front become successful “when the customers/participants themselves become more involved, providing content and helping to moderate.”

So perhaps we should consider ROE in terms of evaluating chapter effectiveness and the level of engagement particularly in content development as a metric for social media engagement.

Are you measuring engagement? How?