Short Sightedness – Is it a problem for your association?

Like Frank Fortin, I notice the times when service providers are short-sighted. He asks the question why some hotels still charge you $10-15 a day for internet access (my pet peeve) and gas stations charge for air. This is a mindset that says every customer interaction is a financial transaction not a relationship building opportunity.

Not too long ago, one of our chapter’s national organization sent us an email telling us the new membership brochure was now available for a small fee. We’re a chapter that is a gateway to the national organization and we’re being asked to buy membership materials. (It’s important to note that we have the option of downloading the art work for free and covering the production costs.) So like the gas station charging to put air in your own tire, is this national organization doing the same?

In what ways is your association shortsighted and letting the accounting department run your customer-service program?