Start Something

Start Something.

Start a conversation … with a colleague, a member, a

Start a journal … use Word or OneNote or Evernote or
blogging platform

Start to follow … someone different on Twitter or Instagram
or Pinterest

Start to tweet … maybe start with Twitter Tips for

Start a new book … have you tried Kindle

Start a book club … all you need to know from National Reading Group Month

Start a new ritual … in the morning, the afternoon,
post-lunch, pre-office departure, evening, weekend

Start your day a little differently … just once, do
something um different to start your day

Start a new file for ideas … on your mobile device, your
desk top, your kitchen counter

Start a new online group to build a community around a topic
… ASAE member? visit ASAE’s
, click on Create A New Community button

Start connecting with a new Meet-Up Group … in the DC
Metro/Maryland area, consider

Start a mentoring (or outreach) program … place to start:
Start a Mentoring Program
or Chronus How to Start
A High Impact Mentoring Program

Start a memory … share your story StoryCorp

What will you start this year?