Thank You For Being a Volunteer!

It takes many hands, mouths, eyes, ears, minds and hearts to “run” a nonprofit, membership association. Peter, Carol and I are proud to shout out the names of the people behind those hands, mouths, eyes, ears, minds and hearts working behind the scenes for four associations we manage. In addition to these members who sit on the board, lead teams, work on events and programs, there are many others who fill in dozens of short-term jobs like event greeter, blogger, presenter, mentor and more. (If you’d love to play on any of these teams, just let us know – we always welcome members to help out!)

Hail to our Teams!

Greater Washington DC Chapter of the International Special Events

Heidi Berger-Brown
Candice Barnes
Joann Chae
Eddie Fam
David Fritz
Meredith Greene
Michael B. Jasser
Deborah Gitelson Krauth
Danielle Loewy
Melanie Allan McCarty CSEP
Tom Trainor
Eve Villard
Kristin Wienold
Maggie Angle
Alysha DiGiorgio
Kelly Downes
Cassandra Durand
Jo Holland
Sugar Taylor
Sandra Teger


Maryland Recycling Network

Tanya Adams
Michael Fannon
Charles Reighart
Ford Schumann
Bob Stumpff
Laura Askin
Bob Ernst
Gemma Evans
Jim Marcinko
Chaz Miller
Bob Murrow
Maria Myers
Bruce Norton
Lori Scozzafava
Chris Skaggs
Craig Stuart-Paul
William Teter

Appraisal Institute – Washington, DC Metro Chapter

Don Boucher SRA
Dennis Duffy MAI
Jerry Harvey MAI
Bob Johnson MAI
Mark Lassere MAI
Steve Rochkind SRA
Latham Schweitzer
Tom Shields MAI
Melanie Sieger MAI, MSRE
Greg Worman MAI

Public Relations Of America – Maryland Chapter

Nneka Jenkins
Marc Apter
Anita Brightman
Robert Hunter
Dionne McConkey
Chris Stevens
Sandra Arnette
Sarah Benton
Shara Darden
David Harrison
David Imre
Laura LaChapelle
Kenna Lowe
Mardrell Mitchell
Lisa K. Miles
Kenneth R. Smith
Charles Godfrey

Have any volunteers you’d like to shout out? Recognize them on our Association Volunteers! Facebook page. Celebrate Happy National Volunteers Week!