The Cat Hasn’t Meowed Yet for Chapters Either

In A View of Social Media from the Inside: The Cat Just Hasn’t Meowed Yet, Terry Starbucker shares his company’s thinking about embracing social media and in doing so hits upon some on-target questions for all of us. But he zeroes in on a key point which relates directly to the value of chapters in our world of associations:

“… particularly in a service business like ours, nothing beats direct voice to voice, or better still, person to person, contact.”

I wrote about a session on virtual communities in which we talked about the value of creating conversation platforms on the web and underscored though that these virtual communities are not replacements for on-the-ground, face-to-face communities. I will again suggest that the fix for struggling chapters isn’t to go virtual — it’s to go free.

But read Terry’s posting – what do you think?

PS Also click through a read Terry’s philosophy Half-fullism.