Time to lighten up a bit?

A while back I joined my first official professional association, figuring that if I’m going to work in the association world, I needed to be an active participant in a professional association of my own.

Unfortunately, I’m not a member of this particular organization any longer because, frankly, the chapter I was in just took itself too seriously. Sure, there needs to be a strategic plan and organization, but you also need to have a bit of fun, something I felt was sorely missing.

That’s why I love this blog posting submitted by PRSA-MD’s incoming president. It’s a fun peek into the life of a relatively un-known member, and sets a tone that I hope remains for the rest of the year. That although the new board plans to work hard to bring value to the members, they won’t take themselves too seriously. That they are not just about bylaws and procedures; they are about the members. That they are not just names on a list; they are people with lives outside the association. And above all else, that they are members too.

Do we need to lighten up a bit?

BTW: Check out his last paragraph! It’s a fun promise (or should I say a “pun” promise?) to the members that he is here to serve them, not himself, and that if anyone has a question, issue or concern, let him know.