Wanted: Virtual Volunteers (Yes You!)

A group of ASAE members are collaborating on a guide to help all associations harness the value of virtual volunteering. We are looking for volunteers to help develop a virtual guide that will cover all aspects of recruiting and managing virtual volunteers. This volunteer role is in fact a virtual volunteer position. You can participate from the comfort of your computer.

This is more than just developing a guide, it’s also a learning experiment in how to manage virtual volunteers. This means when you sign on, you’re basically joining a “learning group” that is capturing what we learn as we go.

Your initial commitment is to help us get to Beta launch of the online guide by August 31. Because the project is also tied into a Learning Lab at #ASAE13 in Atlanta, we are asking for an initial push through August 5. And if you are in Atlanta, you are invited to take part in the session “A Virtual Volunteer: A Live Experiment in Crowdsourcing” (you can join the session even if you don’t volunteer).

We are looking for:

  • Section Editors
  • Content Contributors
  • Style Editor

The time commitment is variable especially for content contributors since we are asking you to simply add content based on your knowledge – so it may take you as little as an hour or two.

Next step?

Email us to say yes (or to ask questions).  Plan to attend one of two orientation calls (or schedule one with us):

  • Tuesday, July 9th at 1:00PM ET
  • Monday, July 15th at 1:00PM ET

Start contributing!