What type of [insert here] are you?

I’ve been reading through past posts on the blog and came across this one from Peggy: A Game of Tag – Fun & An Idea to Expand (12/2/2008). In her post, Peggy ponders the following

…imagine if we took the time in our associations to tag members. Could that start some rich conversations? Maybe bring some people into the active roles?

It brought to mind all the games that are appearing on FB lately, particularly the ones that ask questions such as “which character from [insert TV show/book/movie title] are you?” or “Which [animal/dog breed] are you?” These games are fun and often lead to some lively conversations.

But the answers our FB friends post also ask some questions of us: What do I really know about this person? Is this what I expected? Am I surprised?

And all this spurs us to ask some questions of our own: if we created a similar game for our chapters, say on Facebook, what would we learn about our chapter members and volunteers? And more importantly, how can we use this new found knowledge in building a robust chapter and volunteer work force?

Any thoughts?