What’s Luck Got to With It?

Being an active member of an association can be one of the best ways to inspire good luck.

Here’s the evidence.

I’m a dancer (among other things!) but a few years ago had no dance mentor, no dance group, having lost my dance program. As I searched the net for options and resources, I stumbled upon a dance association. I joined. I went to a national dance festival. I met a fabulous lady, then another and soon we formed a group. I now have a wonderfully talented mentor, dance group and dance concerts.

I’m a business owner but a few years ago I was an out-of-work association professional testing new waters. As my husband/partner and I began to put together our business plan, I joined the local chamber of commerce. I volunteered for a project. I attended the breakfast. I met a fabulous lady, who introduced me to the past-president of a local association looking for a management company. Our first management client was signed.

I’m a teacher who has enjoyed many classroom opportunities but wanted to explore teaching an on-line course and wanted to sharpen my skills all around. As a member of ASAE’s component relations section council, I was tapped for the development team to create the Principles of Component Relations online course and then to teach two of the weeks. I’ve also been a frequent workshop leader for ASAE.

In each case, networking within my member association led me to the right people, the right place, the right opportunity. My association membership produced good luck.

I hadn’t seen this connection clearly until I got to #8 on Rob Thompson’s post “10 Ways To Generate Luck.”

8. Network … That person on the far side of the room may be a surprisingly good fit to assist in your next project. But you have to speak to them first to find out. Network like you mean it, too. People will pick up on your genuine interest, and opportunities will come more freely.

So, I’m thinking that my next membership campaign invitation will begin with something like “Your membership in [association] will generate good luck.”

Do you have any evidence of good luck from your membership?