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Blog and Twitter Meme - a game of connections

Friday, December 5, 2008

Got tagged twice and invited to test the idea of meme in SNAP – can a game of tag help nurture community – let’s see! So Jamie Notter (my recent tagger and by the way author of "postcards from a new CEO" column in Associations Now) I’ll respond with 5 folks I recently starting following on Twitter outside my “association buds”... @kanter - Beth offers great conversation on social media for nonprofits (get her blog too) @prblog - Kevin Dugan is great for all things pr (and fodder for my PRSA MD chapter) @chrisbrogan - Chris Brogan offers ideas that do set off light bulbs @copyblogger - Brian Clark's tweets (and blog) send me to get links that’s I’m never disappointed with @kdpaine - Katie is the queen of measurement and sometimes you just gotta get the numbers Hey thanks for asking! Now I’ll ask you to tell us more!


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